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Welcome to the H. J. R. Observatory!

This is the place to learn when the Hector J. Robinson Observatory located (near the football field and track at 1650 Champaign in Lincoln Park)  will be open for viewing. It's also a good place to see what it looks like, learn it's history, and enjoy pictures of all the cool things in the sky that we study.

For additional information please call or write:

Observatory hotline: 313-444-5850


If no one picks up, you can leave a message asking when the next time the observatory will be open, and we will let you know! All persons and groups are welcome (minors must be attended by a parent, teacher or guardian). Please do call in advance, so that we know to expect your company.

Timothy J. Dey, M.D.
Ford Amateur Astronomy Club (FAAC)

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